Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Poplin Suit

Well I did it. I broke down and bought a poplin suit suit today. $175 at Joseph A. Bank. At that price, I figured how could I go wrong? I'll probably spend more than that just to have it tailored. I also purchased two short-sleeved sport shirts. It was part of their 50-60-70% off sale. (Buy the first item at 50% off, the second item at 60% off, and the third item at 70% off.) Seriously, price drives the bus at this store. A word to the wise, though -- hold onto your wallet and try not to walk away with anything you know you'll never wear.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Timex Tuesday

It just goes to show, it's not what you spend, it's how you use your money and what choices you make. Here is a perfectly good watch (chronographs really have my attention these days) and a Timex, to boot, which has a certain GTH provenance to it. Don't waste your money on a watch, just have faith in who you are and save your nickels for that new Ferrari. Available online.
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