Monday, May 16, 2011

Speaking of Temptation

I have never owned one of these, probably never will, but from a purely design point of view, it is exquisite. How could you need anything more?

1948 Citroen 2CV (love that creamy green color). Tintin noticeable in the background.

This caught my eye the other day.

The new Fiat 500

And, as a passing thought, I realized how similar the Honda Insight is to the Toyota Prius, yet somehow more elegant.

2010 Honda Insight

Women We Like - Elizabeth Hurley

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


For the longest time now I have been looking for a blue pincord spring sportcoat. In case anyone out there is also looking, I have a few sources.

He's not a 56 Long.

In the event that you are a 56 long, Brooks Brothers appears to be your best bet, as this is the only size they seem to carry. I haven't done further research to see if this is some sort of a typographical glitch; my guess is that they have discontinued it and this is the only size remaining. Such a pity. Why on earth would you discontinue such a classic? I should thing BB could sell these by the thousands if they wanted to.

Elbow patches on a spring jacket? Really?

Another possibility is this one I have seen by Polo Ralph at Westport Big & Tall. The trouble is, you've got to be big or tall. Still, at $250, I almost pulled the trigger. Also I wasn't so wild about the elbow patches. Elbow patches, to my way of thinking, are generally an affectation -- they should only be added to heavy tweed, and then only when truly needed. I think the best ones are usually pigskin in a chamois or tobacco color.

Continuing my search, I may have seen something available at Joseph Banks, but for some reason or other I didn't like it. You can look around there if you want to. Finally I found just the thing, except it's a suit.

$450 at O'CONNELL's,

Closeup of O'Connell's pincord suit.

Item Last: I found this online while writing this article:

Who knew? $495 at J. PRESS.

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