Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Good, Better, Best

Surfing around the internet this morning, I came upon this perfectly acceptable Dooney & Bourke chronograph. It got me thinking about several others like it.

Available at Zappo's, $155.

At 38mm, it is a little small. But me, I almost like 'em that way. We'll call this one "good". Next up in the "better" position, we have the Tissot PRC200 chronograph, a good quality Swiss quartz at $291 from Amazon. I like the fact that the sub-dials are a little less contrasty. I would prefer it with a leather strap, however. I also wish the case had more of a sandblasted finish.

This next one I'm going to call "better yet". It probably provided the design inspiration for the Dooney & Bourke. Very rugged. Very military. Very nice.

Bell & Ross Vintage 126. $2,720 at Pacific Bay Watches.

Here is my personal favorite, though, from a design standpoint, pared down to the essentials, where nothing can be added, nothing taken away:

$880 at Gnomon Watches. The Best.

The other day, a couple of days before she went off to college, my older daughter said to me "you're really into country music these days, aren't you?" Kids these days are so perceptive. (Love ya, buddy.)

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